Zero Waste Project at Our University"

The Zero Waste Temporary Storage Area project, prepared by our university's Rectorate, has been completed with an investment of 240,000 TL and will be implemented in our campus.

A total of 1257 waste collection boxes, procured with the investment, will be placed in designated areas on our campus for on-site waste separation. As part of the project, 300 sets (1200 boxes) of 70-liter indoor waste storage, 50 pieces of 120-liter outdoor waste storage, and 7 containers of 770 liters for temporary storage have been placed in both indoor and outdoor locations.

On-site waste separation will contribute to energy and raw material savings, as well as preserving nature and preventing environmental pollution. In the second phase of the project, the newly established Zero Waste Management Coordination Office will provide training to all staff and students to develop awareness of zero waste and environmental protection. Activities will also be organized for students and staff to increase awareness. This project sets an example for our city.

CREATED TIME: 12-05-2023 11:28 |