We met Celiac Patients in Malazgirt

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Alican met celiac patients from Malazgirt in Malazgirt Municipality within the scope of "Buckwheat Cultivation and Propagation Project in Muş Ecology".

Malazgirt District Governor Göksu Bayram, Malazgirt Mayor Cengiz Altın, Rector Advisors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yaşar and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ender Can Dönmez, Malazgirt Vocational School Director Assist.  Prof. Dr. Adem Aktaş, President of Muş Celiac Association Assoc. Prof. Dr. Züleyha Almaz and celiac patients and their families attended.

Our Rector, who presented the products made with buckwheat flour to celiac patients within the scope of our project, explained the details of our project and stated that they strive to deliver both healthy and delicious products to all celiac patients. He also stated that they will provide seed support to farmers who want to grow buckwheat.

District Governor Göksu Bayram stated that they will fully support our project and thanked our Rector and those who contributed. Malazgirt Mayor Cengiz Altın expressed his satisfaction for contributing to our project and stated that they will provide land support to our University for buckwheat cultivation and expressed his gratitude to the contributors, Muş Public Bread Manager Suat Bulut and Muş Celiac Association volunteers.

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