We hosted District Governor Ahmed Çelik at our university

Korkut District Governor Ahmed Çelik participated in the second "4 Careers 9 Questions" event within the scope of the traditional "Career Talks" of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences moderated by Dr. Fatma Betül Şengönül and coordinated by Assist. Prof. Dr. Vedat Almalı.

In the event, which attracted great interest from our students, Çelik answered the questions directed to him and sincerely shared his experiences of being a student and preparing for the A Cadre Career Professions exams.

Stating that students preparing for the Career Profession Exams in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences should first set a goal for themselves and prepare regularly. Çelik also stated that it is not difficult to achieve success in the exams and advised them to keep their motivation high.

In this interview, which contributed to the career planning of the students, the students asked Çelik about the problems encountered in the exams, their strategies in periods of low motivation and the appointment rates in vocational exams.

Çelik, who answered the questions of the students in a clear and open manner, conveyed through his own experiences that it is normal for students to encounter failure in the fields they prefer, but that they can achieve their desired goals by working steadily.

The programme ended with the presentation of a certificate to District Governor Çelik by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Yaşar Karadağ.

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