The Muş Gastronomy Days Have Commenced With An İnaugural Event Hosted By Our University İn Collaboration With The Turkish Federation Of Cooks And Chefs (TAŞFED)

The event, held at the Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Zaim Conference Hall, commenced with the rendition of the national anthem followed by a moment of silence. Opening remarks were delivered by our esteemed Rector, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Alican, and Dr. Ahmet Dündar, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the School of Social Sciences. Subsequently, a panel moderated by TAŞFED President Bayram Özerk ensued.

The panel comprised distinguished speakers including Prof. Dr. Nilgün Çelebi, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Şen, Dr. Nevin Halıcı, Assistant Professor Ali Şen, Talip Bayram, Faruk Şüyün, Asuman Kerkez, Bayram Özrek, M. Ensar Bulut, Volkan Aslan, Sami Özçelik, Hüseyin Kocabey, İbrahim Özdemir, and Hasan Çetin.

Dr. Dündar, in his discourse, underscored the rich culinary heritage of Muş, an ancient city steeped in history as the site of the pivotal Battle of Malazgirt, wherein the Anatolian gates were opened to the Turks. He elucidated further on the geographic nuances, climate, and indigenous flora such as gülük, jağ, uçkun, and heliz, which augment Muş's distinctive gastronomic culture.

Highlighting the imperative of enhancing the promotion of Muş's regional culinary legacy and preserving traditional dishes for posterity, Dr. Dündar accentuated the significance of the university's initiative in advancing awareness and appreciation of Muş's gastronomic heritage.

Rector Alican expounded upon the university's concerted efforts to illuminate Muş's historical and cultural tapestry, acknowledging gastronomy as a pivotal facet thereof. He articulated the university's aspiration to illuminate and encapsulate the myriad facets of the region's heritage, affirming the pivotal role of gastronomy in facilitating Muş's national and global recognition.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of this program in fostering interdisciplinary discourse and scholarly exchange, President Bayram expressed gratitude to the Rector for extending the invitation and facilitating this enlightening convergence of culinary experts.

The proceedings culminated in a workshop, thereby concluding the event.

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