Our Natural Disaster Literacy Education Module Project Accepted as a TUBITAK Project

The TÜBİTAK 1001 project of the Faculty of Education of our University named "Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the Multidisciplinary Natural Disaster Literacy Education Module with Family Participation for Preschool Children" has been accepted.

The project, which has been designed with the cooperation of our university and Anadolu University, will be carried out by Assoc. Prof. Abdulhamit Karademir and the project's purpose is to design, develop and evaluate a family-participated education module for teachers first and then for children. Creating a conceptual framework for training for disaster prevention that can be given in the preschool period, determining the educational needs related to natural disasters and increasing natural disaster literacy skills will be investigated within the scope of the project. With the project, reminding past events, scenario animation (drama, dramatic plays, theatrical activities, puppets, shadow plays, artistic practices, etc.) and different multidisciplinary scientific approaches (STEM, STEM+A, STEM-D etc.) will be used holistically by using technological opportunities (augmented reality, digital tools software, simulations, integrations, etc.) for preschool education participants (teachers-children). Also, it is planned to design learning environments (augmented reality, virtual reality, digital tools) in such a way that the children in the preschool participant group are intertwined with technology as the alpha generation so that they can use technology actively in activities. Studies planned to be carried out in the spring semester of the 2024-2025 academic year will be carried out with field studies in the provinces (Muş, Van, Bitlis and Hakkari) in the TRB2 education region, according to the Ministry of National Education.

Researchers of the project are Assoc. Prof. Ayça Kartal, Assist. Prof. Ahmet Aykan, Assist. Prof. Erdinç Öcal, Assist. Prof. Fatih Yaman, Assist. Prof. Fuat Elkonca, Assist. Prof. İskender Dölek, Assist. Prof. Murat Ekici, Assist. Prof. Sümeyra Ceyhan from the Faculty of Education at our university, and Assist. Prof. Ümran Alan from the Faculty of Education at Anadolu University.

CREATED TIME: 23-01-2023 12:39 |