MAUN has launched the Integrated Quality Management System

In order to transform the Quality Management Processes into a systematic structure, MAUN has started to use the Integrated Quality Management System (ICMS), which adopts a strategy in which internal and external stakeholders are actively involved, and quality assurance mechanisms that are applied periodically and without exception. 

BAYS, which has a total of 13 modules (Strategic Plan Definition, Process Management, Cost Plan Determination, Risk Management, Stakeholder Relations Management, Supplier Relations Management, Survey, Performance Management, Management of Improvement Activities, Document Management, Report, System Authorization and Announcement, Higher Education Quality) offers an infrastructure that believes in following the criteria and sub-criteria that will meet the criteria of the Board of Directors (YÖKAK) on the basis of performance, and it has a quality that will provide quality assurance to the institutional structure based on evidence.

MAUN Quality Management Coordinator Prof.  Dr.  Esin Kaya, in her statement on the subject, stated that more comprehensive studies and trainings will be given in order to spread the quality practices of the university to the base and to develop the quality culture in the following processes, and said, “We thank Rector Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat, who did not spare us his support for the use of BKYS at university.”

CREATED TIME: 29-12-2022 05:49 |