MAUN Earthquake and Construction Analysis Lab Gets New Equipment

The Construction Analysis Laboratory functioning within MAUN Research and Project Coordination Unit (TAPKOB) continues to grow with its new equipment.

The laboratory that provides services such as analysis, quality-control, projects and consultancy in the field of civil engineering based on the service demands from public institutions and the private sector carried out studies on the examination and damage assessment of structures after the earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 in Pazarcık on February 6 and 7.6 in Elbistan on February 7, 2023. The laboratory that responds to the needs of the public and private sector with its scientific infrastructure and well-trained staff continues to increase its direct and indirect contributions to the city and the country.

Advanced technological equipment consisting of 34 items has been purchased to expand the laboratory's service quality and area of work. These pieces of equipment will provide the technical team with the opportunity to work much more professionally, quickly and efficiently in the field.

Making a statement on this new purchase, TAPKOB Chairman of the Board and MAUN Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ulaş Çaydaş asserted that they aimed to contribute to the city and the region in many areas with the Construction Analysis Laboratory, which increased its service capacity and expanded its service area day by day. Çaydaş said, “Most of the Southeast and Eastern Anatolia regions, including the Muş province, are under a high earthquake risk. In the last 5 years, we have made significant investments in our laboratory that continues its work considering this risk in the region. The work of our technical team after the earthquakes that occurred on 6-7 February in Kahramanmaraş once again revealed the importance of our Construction Analysis Laboratory. MAUN's attention to the earthquake problem, and serious investments on this issue give us much relief today. As always, I would like to thank MAUN Rector Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat.”

CREATED TIME: 22-05-2023 07:06 |