Digital Platform of the Presidential Human Resources Office, National Internship Programme Promotion Seminar was held at MAUN

Our university KARGEM (Career Development Centre) organised a seminar for our students about Career Gate, the Digital Platform of the Presidential Human Resources Office.

KARGEM board of directors, academic staff and students attended the seminar held by KARGEM on Wednesday, 06 March 2024 at 10:00 at 1071 Malazgirt Congress and Culture Center C Hall under the coordination of Dr. Lecturer Teymur Erol.

KARGEM Deputy Director Dr. Res. Assist. Fatma Betül Şengönül Kozak made a presentation to the students about the Career Gate and National Internship Programme, which are the domestic and national platforms of the Presidential Human Resources Office. In her presentation, she underlined that all the work and transactions carried out on these platforms are carried out by the centre.

After explaining the purpose of the Career Gateway, Kozak gave practical training on how to register on this platform and how students can apply for job and internship offers through the Career Gateway page. He also explained the processes of registering to the National Internship Programme through Career Gateway, internship application and the processes waiting for students after internship acceptance. The seminar ended with a question-and-answer session.

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