Cooperation Protocol from GESOM and ÇOSKF

A cooperation protocol was signed between Our University Traditional Sports and Games Application and Research Center (GESOM) and the T.R Federation of Children's Games and Sports Clubs (ÇOSKF)


Protocol GESOM was signed by Aslıhan Usta by proxy to GESOM Director Assist. Prof. Esra ÇIPLAK and ÇOSKF President Mehmet Mutlu. Within the scope of the protocol signed at the ÇOSKF headquarters in Istanbul, the "Muş Traditional Children's Games League" will be organized with the partnership of GESOM. The study aims to improve the educational, social, cultural and sports activities of the students, to fight against addiction, to strengthen the perceptions of social responsibility and volunteering, and to contribute to the personal development of the students with the education they receive during their higher education.


In the Muş Traditional Children's Games League, the "Handkerchief Grab and Hopscotch" games tournament will be organized. For the competitions planned to be held in April, ÇOSKF trainers will provide theoretical and practical training to teachers who work in schools affiliated to the T.R Muş National Education Directorate and are interested in these games.

and MAUN students. At the end of the two-day training, game leaders and referees will be formed.Trained teachers will form 8/12 age group handkerchief grab and hopscotch teams in their schools. MAUN students will also be able to form their own teams and participate in the tournament in their own categories, act as referees and game leaders, and take part in the leagues.


Çıplak thanked to our rector, Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat for all his support to GESOM.


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