YÖKDİL 2023/2 Exam Completed


In the statement made by ÖSYM Muş Exam Coordinatorship, Higher Education Institutions Foreign Language Exam - 2 (2023-YÖKDİL/2), which 273 candidates took, was completed successfully and without any problems. The Higher Education Institutions Foreign Language Exam-2 (2023-YÖKDİL/2), organized by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center Presidency (ÖSYM), was held yesterday in a single session at the Aziz Sancar Classrooms of the Central Complex of our University. A total of 273 candidates, 109 female candidates and 164 male candidates, entered the exam, which started at 10:15 and lasted for 180 minutes. 48 personnel took part in the exam, which was held in 1 building and 13 halls.

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